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Dr. Kevin Murphy

"He was always aggressive and persistent in regards to investigating details of the homes that we were looking at. However, he never came off as aggressive or pushy with us as clients. He is the nicest guy and is genuinely motivated to get you in the home that you're happy with. He has a well-balanced foundation of what the important factors are in buying a house. I think he has such a wide breadth of knowledge due to his former careers as a teacher, homeowner, landlord, and importer of home tile/stone, rare wood/furniture. Thank you, David, we are extremely happy with our decision to buy this home and to have you as a real estate agent."


Carolyn Pennisi

"David Marchetti helped us with the sixth house we have bought, and we have never had a better realtor experience. He knows the Santa Barbara area like the back of his hand; not just geographically, but culturally, educationally, etc. He was able to offer help about libraries, gardening, where to  buy carpet, on and on. The best part, though, was his willing attitude. Having had a realtor who kept saying "not my job", Dave was a refreshing change, finding ways to answer questions and solve tactical challenges along the way."


Jeremy Vaa

"I live in San Francisco and hired David Marchetti Realty to sell my property in Santa Barbara. David's multidisciplinary approach to real estate melds sales, design and construction for a true one stop shop. David's crew created beautiful bright kitchen and bathrooms spaces and a property that  stood out among others. David put a lot of time and care into the remodel, marketing and sale of my place. He understands people, budgets, timelines and most importantly negotiating -- we were able to get top dollar and I was very pleased. I highly recommend working with David and David Marchetti Realty."


Matt McCaffrey

"David helped my wife and I purchase our first house in the Santa Barbara area. He was there from the very beginning and went through each step with us as the process was new to us. He was patient, honest, very knowledgeable of the market and was personable. We highly recommend David, an amazing  realtor!"