Home Price Range: 1,500,000 - 50,000,000              Condo Price Rage: 750,000 - 3,000,000

Elementary School: Montecito Union, Cold Springs                     Junior High: Santa Barbara                          High School: Santa Barbara

The boundaries of the city aren’t that cut and dry but the population lies around 10,000 and the busiest and most notable roads are Hot Springs Road, Sycamore Canyon Drive, East Valley Road, and Coast Village Road. The rest of the streets in the neighborhood are narrow and windy, slithering serpent-like through the small town.  Montecito is comprised of mostly large homes and estates with large lots.  Some of the nicest neighborhoods in the country are in Montecito.  There are two excellent public elementary schools as well as Cate school, a quality private school.  The community also has a very nice YMCA that services community members from 1 - 100 years old.

Just down the way from these neighborhoods is Coast Village Road, the hot spot for high end shopping. Fresh boutiques and fine dining establishments line the city of Montecito’s main thoroughfare, beckoning you in with their twinkling lights and pristine décor.  Some of the nation’s classiest resorts are in Montecito, namely the Four Seasons Biltmore, San Ysidro Ranch, and the Montecito Inn. With amenities fit for a queen, it’s no wonder John and Jackie Kennedy shared their honeymoon here. 

Montecito is home to the beautiful Butterfly Beach, The Coral Casino, and the old guy from Back to the Future, Christopher Lloyd. It’s pleasant. It’s peaceful. It’s lush and luxurious. 

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