Home Price Range: 800,000 - 3,000,000   Condo/Manufactured Range: 350,000 - 1,500,000

Elementary Schools: Summerland, Aliso           Junior High: Carpinteria / Santa Barbara        High School: Santa Barbara / Carpinteria

Summerland is a very small town sandwiched in between Montecito and Carpinteria. It’s coastal and quaint and even smaller than its small neighbors. Summerland homes all share the incredible panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and Channels Islands.  Most of the private homes are multi-level and boast views from multiple viewpoints.

Known for it’s antique shopping, there’s quite the elderly crowd here, but with their wealth of bed and breakfasts and delightful hotel accommodations, many tourists play here too.  Summerland has a number of quality places to dine for its size.  There is direct access to the to most important resources in Santa Barbara, the beach/ocean and the hiking trails of the foothills.

The Summerland beach is delightful and not often crowded. Horse-back riders mosey along occasionally and dog-walkers pass through, but you can certainly enjoy a nice nap and a good book without being bothered. The hiking and biking trails are beautiful. Reminiscent of a New England village, Summerland has charm and warmth and a splendid experience awaiting all of those who visit.