Goleta, known as “The Good Land”, for many reasons, beautiful beaches, spectacular mountains, small town feel, large university and a rapidly growing business culture.  Goleta has the Santa Barbara Municipal Airport and Amtrak train station making it easy to travel locally or internationally.  There are a large number of middle class homes and neighborhoods here and the prices are usually a little less than Santa Barbara.   There are also many large ranches and haciencdas in the foothills and on the coast.

The city’s three major shopping centers, each just a few block away from nearby hotels featuring an eclectic mix of brand name stores as well as local retailers and host to local farmers markets multiple days a week.  With the increase in business, every month a new restaurant or microbrewery is opening up.  Eateries like the Hollister Brewing Co. in the Camino Marketplace and M Special Brewery are just a couple of examples.

There are so many things to do in Goleta, paddleboard off the shores of Goleta Beach where you’ll get close up views of dolphins and sea lions or surf among the locals at the acclaimed Campus Point surf break. Hike the hills and explore the class 3 climbing at The Playgrounds hiking trail in the surrounding mountains. Go on an early morning nature walk through the Butterfly Preserve and watch butterflies come to life as the sun comes up. Or go for a leisurely ride on the Coast Route bike path that crosses the wooded and seaside landscapes of Goleta and Isla Vista.  This is truly the goodland.