Home Price Range: 900,000 - 4,000,000   Condo Price Range: 450,000 - 1,500,000

Elementary Schools: Washington, McKinley, Monroe   Middle School: Santa Barbara  High School: Santa Barbara

Giving truth to its name, The Mesa of Santa Barbara is, in fact, a mesa, the Spanish word for flat-topped table that sits above the city. You have to drive uphill to get to it and once you’ve conquered it, the views are phenomenal. It stretches from Santa Barbara City College on the east and extends two and a half miles up to Hendry’s Beach. 

Many young families take up residency on the mesa as it is skirted with playgrounds and parks. Both La Mesa Park and Shoreline Park run the length of the entire neighborhood. Shoreline Park is thought to be one of the best parks in Santa Barbara with its wide open spaces, lush grass, playgrounds, and picnic benches, and incredible views of course. 

The hilltop is also home to an elementary school and because it sits just above Santa Barbara City College, there are pockets of college students living on the mesa as well. 

Homes in this neighborhood are extremely desirable due to the convenient beach and bike path access. Downtown is only a 5-8 minute bike ride away and city college students bike to school. The mesa was voted Best Neighborhood in a local poll and certainly earns that award with its charm and peaceful atmosphere. 

At the Meigs Road and Cliff Drive intersection, you’ll find all the shopping you need to sustain a Mesa lifestyle. There’s Lazy Acres, which is Santa Barbara’s best source of wholesome, natural, and organic foods and products.